Who Is NH’s Resistance?

About Indivisible New Hampshire

Indivisible New Hampshire is a chapter of the grassroots movement based on the principles outlined in the Indivisible Guide , part of NH’s resistance movement. We are dedicated to uniting New Hampshire’s two congressional districts to oppose the agenda of the Trump White House, and to represent the best interests of the people of New Hampshire.

We do this by pressuring our members of Congress to advocate for a progressive agenda that:

  • ensures equal freedoms for all, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or age
  • provides comfort and support to the poor and disadvantaged
  • supports high-quality education, available to all
  • promotes an economy with opportunity for all and special privileges for none
  • gives the highest priority to clean air and water, the preservation of our environment, and the enlistment of active measures to combat climate change
  • seeks peaceful, just solutions to national and international disagreements
  • resists authoritarianism.

In addition to federal issues we also work at the state and local levels focusing on legislative items of particular concern for New Hampshire, including voters’ rights, gun control, school choice, and other issues.

Mission of NH’s Resistance

Indivisible New Hampshire supports NH’s resistance by providing leadership, resources, tools, and training to oppose authoritarianism and defend democracy.

Guiding Principles

  1. We resist authoritarianism. Trump is an authoritarian, and his administration is pursuing policies that aim to destroy our democracy and our civil rights. He and members of his administration seek to silence dissenting voices, and discredit the free press. Trump seeks to hold power purely for its own sake, for his own ends, and to obscure the fact that he is utterly unfit to be president.
  2. We pursue inclusivity. Working with organizations, coalitions, community groups, and individuals, we are vocal allies for marginalized communities.
  3. We welcome people of any political persuasion (or none!) who are ready to resist Trump. Our target is autocracy, not each other.